Practice Areas

Contract Law and Corporate Law
  • Establishment of corporations, corporate reorganizations, relocation and liquidation of corporations
  • Capital increases, capital reductions
  • Assumption of board mandates
  • Establishment and advising of associations and assumption of board mandates
  • Establishment and advising of foundations and assumption of foundation board mandates
  • Advising of start-ups
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts in all areas of Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Shareholders' agreements
Inheritance Law
  • National and international inheritance, estate and wealth planning and succession planning
  • Preparation of last wills and contracts of succession
  • Anticipatory succession and transfers by way of gift or succession
  • Settlement of estates and serving as executor of wills and testaments (distribution of estates, representation of heirs, administration and management of estates)
  • Enforcement of claims under inheritance law
  • Foundations (in particular Liechtenstein family foundations)
  • Matrimonial property planning
Family Law
  • Divorce, protection of marriage, separation
  • Contracts for marriage, concubinage and registered partnerships
  • Matrimonial property planning
  • Child and adult protection law
  • Relocation of private persons
Foreigner Law
  • Relocation of private persons to Switzerland and abroad
  • Residence and work permits
  • Family reunification
  • Representation before authorities and offices of the destination residence
Labor Law
  • Preparation and review of employment contracts
  • Enforcement of claims under labor law
  • Contestation of termination of employment
  • Advice in salary disputes and other labor law disputes
  • Preparation of salary statements
  • Registrations and declarations for social security
Tenant Law
  • Preparation and review of lease agreements
  • Enforcement and contestation of terminations and severance payments
  • Other tenancy law disputes
Intellectual Property

(Trademarks, Author's Rights, Designs, Patents)

  • Protection and registrations of intellectual property (Trademarks, Author's Rights, Designs, Patents)
Real Estate and Construction Law
Social security law
Criminal law